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2019 Calf Club Day

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019 Calf Club Day – Thursday 17th October.

No Calves this year!!!

Early Lambs/Goats to be born between 1 July and 12 August
Late Lambs/Goats to be born between 13 August and 23 September.

Need a Lamb for Calf Club?

Orphan lambs for $70 each delivered to Bombay or Pukekohe. $60 each if you pick up.

Coopworth/Suffolk X available from 10th July, Coopworth available from 1 August.

Colostrum fed 5-7 days old. Mixed sex, docked and vaccinated.

Contact Liz Whitford 09 233 3070 or

Need a Goat for Calf Club?

Contact Sadie – 0211822858. Bucks only $40.

Oete Goat Farm –$80 each Bucks and Does. Details are on Sandspit Road School Facebook page – Order by text only.

Any questions please contact Derryn Maxwell by email: