Documents for enrolling

You may enrol in person or online. Please provide the following information prior to your child starting here;

  • a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport as proof of age
  • a copy of their immunisation certificate (this is in the back of your Well Child book or ask your family doctor for a copy)
  • medical information including your doctor’s contact details
  • any legal documents, for example custody or access agreements the school should know about
  • if you child has been enrolled in early childhood education, information from their pre-school
  • contact details – your family phone numbers, address and emergency contacts
  • anything else that you think we should know to ensure a smooth transition to WPS. 

Home Zone for WPS

All students who live within our home zone described below are eligible to enrol.

The zone starts at the corner of Kitchener Road and Colombo Road, continuing south down Colombo Road to the intersection of Victoria Ave including Raukawa Grove then continuing north east along Victoria Ave , then continuing up Queen Street then to the intersection of King and Constable but not including Kitchener Road.

It then runs south west down Constable Road to the intersection of Constable Road and Honey Road and then down Honey Road continuing south west to and including Coe Road, then heading back east along Smith Road to the intersection of Waiuku – Otaua Road.  Then, head south down Waiuku – Otaua Road to Whiriwhiri Road but not including Whiriwhiri Road.

Then east across country including Bridge Street and Misa Road along Storey Road to the intersection of Hull Road and Bright Road but not including Bright or Lewis Roads then continuing north up Hutching Road to its intersection with Masters Road but not including Hermitage Road, Masters Road or Waiuku Road.  The zone includes both sides of all roads in zone.

Click on the image below to the official zone map. Slide the Show zoning button across to view the WPS zone as shown in the screenshot image.