Head Students

At Waiuku Primary School we have a proud tradition of offering leadership opportunities to our Year Eight students through our Head Student programme.

At the end of every year, our Year Seven students are encouraged to apply for the position of Head Student. Their application includes a list of the contributions to school life as well as Student Responsibilities that have held such as Road Patrol, Peer Mediator, Office Duty and Librarian. Applicants then present a two-minute speech about themselves and what they would do in the Head Student Role to our Hub Three and Four students. The successful applicants are announced at the end of year Prize Giving.

Head Students have an important role within the school. They organise and lead the fortnightly Monday morning assembly. They are also the representatives of our school at community events such as the Waiuku ANZAC parade.

We are very pleased to have as Head Students Karizma Green and Phoenix King

Whānau Leaders

At Waiuku Primary School we have a strong tradition of offering leadership opportunities to our Year Eight students as Whānau Leaders.
In order to facilitate this relationship, the school places siblings in the same Whānau.
Our culture is based around our school values. Our school has four whānau groups. Each whānau is identified by a New Zealand native bird and a colour.

  • Kiwi – Red
  • Tui – Blue
  • Pukeko – Yellow 
  • Kea – Green

Whānau Leaders 2022; left to right: Eddie, Sam, Isis, Reihania, Yuvraj, Mia, Scarlett, Chloe  & Mrs Tina Sagaga.

Front row left to right: 

  • Tamati H
  • Vincent T
  • Kael R
Back row left to right: 
  •  Tina Sagaga, Whanau Leader Coordinator
  • Charley B
  • Scarlett E
  • Heidi M
  • Jack C
  • Fofoa E

A total of eight students are selected for this role. Each Whānau is led by two Whānau Leaders, who are responsible for managing Whānau events through school sports, assemblies, community events such as Matariki, School Hangi and present awards at school Assemblies. They are also the representatives for our school at community events.

The Whānau leaders will meet at least once a fortnight with the school Senior Lead Teacher in charge, or the Principal, as an advisor to guide the meeting process.

We are looking forward to building school spirit this year and watching our school Whānau leaders build their leadership role.