Visual Art

Art is a form of communication and inclusion. At Waiuku Primary School we embrace all forms of creativity, and we enjoy sharing our student’s work. Our students get many opportunities to explore the visual arts in a variety of ways. Sharing their ideas and imagination, and using many different materials and mediums. One of the key features of the Arts in school is that allows students of all abilities, and backgrounds to communicate their creative ideas and stories.

Performing arts, including dance, drama, and music, play a vital role in the development and growth of our students. These art forms not only promote creativity, but also help children to build confidence, express themselves, and develop social skills.   Each term, our classes explore a different subject area and students are given the opportunity to share their learnings with their Hub, in class, or at the Assembly. Additionally, we offer lunchtime clubs for Visual Arts and Performances. Our Art group has created murals and props for our School Show, while our Performance Group regularly shares their talents at Whole School Assembly, including singing, dancing, and acting.


When someone plays a catchy tune, feet begin to tap. When someone plays a nice groove, heads bob. Music is innate and within everybody. In Waiuku Primary School, our students have the opportunity to learn a variety of different instruments, such as guitar, piano and drums.

Recently, we have focused on increasing musical opportunities for our students so that they can experience the joy of music. We do this because music is a unique gateway for expression. We hope that many more students, in the present and in the future, will experience the joy and beauty of music, both as a hobby and as an Art form.