Gifted Learners at Waiuku Primary

At Waiuku Primary we provide a range of opportunities for students with various talents to be able to participate in. 

Gifted and talented students at Waiuku School are those who demonstrate or show the potential for a high level of performance in one or more of the following domains when compared to others of similar age, culture, experience and environment.  Gifts or Talents can be present in a variety of areas and can include;

  • Critical and creative thinking – problem-solving, metacognition, intuitive thinking   
  • Emotional intelligence: Intrapersonal skills (e.g., self-critique, self-reflect, self-regulate)Interpersonal skills (e.g., leadership, organizational skills)
  • Physical and sporting ability
  • Cultural traditions, values and ethics
  • Visual and/or performing arts
  • Technological aptitude
  • Academic and intellectual abilities.


The school recognizes that within its group of gifted and talented students there is a wide range of ability from mild to profound.  Most will be catered for through differentiated programmes within the classroom, while some may require provision beyond the classroom.

Opportunities for our gifted learners

  • Otago Problem Solving Maths Competition 
  • ICAS and Kiwi Competitions
  • Mathex
  • Sporting events – Group and Zone days
  • Kapa Haka 
  • Speeches – Yearly
  • School Leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Peer mediators
  • GATE workshops (Science, Maths, STEAM, Dance, Drama, Te Reo, Leadership)